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Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth

Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth


Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth

Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth

Get To Know Connie Ferguson In Real Life

Connie Ferguson is one of the Tswana actresses. She is a model, investor, producer/ film-maker and a businesswoman who was born in a town called Lobatse, Botswana. In the year 1994, she became part of South Africa’s most popular Mzansi Soap Opera, Generations. This article will give you more information about Connie Ferguson Biography: Family, Age, House, Wedding, Daughters, Husband, Net Worth and more.

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Are you one of the people who have been asking where does Connie Ferguson come from? You’ve come to the right place my darling. Despite her origins in Botswana, the lovely actress is a South African citizen. Since the early 1990s, Connie Ferguson has been entertaining people around South Africa and internationally with her incomparable acting skills. I’m sure you are now asking yourself, who is Connie Fergusons?.

Below’s Her Profile Summary

  • Name: Connie Masilo Ferguson
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1970
  • Place of Birth: Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa
  • Connie Ferguson age: 50 years old as of 2020
  • Occupation: Producer, Model, actor, businessperson, and investor
  • Well Known for: Karabo Moroka role in Generations
  • Nationality: South African
  • Relationship status: Married although she has been divorced once
  • Facebook: @TheRealConnieFerguson
  • Twitter: @Connie_Ferguson Connie Ferguson
  • Instagram: @connie_ferguson
  • Connie Ferguson net worth: $2 million (R27.82 million)

Connie Ferguson biography

Are you also asking yourself how old is Connie Ferguson? For a young looking, beautiful and yummy mommy celebrity like her, it is not strange to ask yourself that question. This article answers most of your questions and enables you to get to know her even better.

Connie Ferguson became super famous when she joined the cast of Generations during the year 994. and she played the role of Karabo Moroka. However, in 2010, She left the SABC 1 Soapie.

After she left Generations, Connie started appearing on The Wild. The Wild is a South African soap opera which was created by Rohan Dickson, Richard Nosworthy and Bronwyn Berry. The soapie was produced by M-Net’s in-house production arm Magic Factory.
We also got see her appearance on Rockville and The River.  Additionally, in 2014, Connie returned to Generations to reprise her role as Karabo Moroka.
Because the soapie had changed its name to Generations: The Legacy, producers hoped Connie would help save the show after 16 main actors had left.  Connie became part of the soapie for two years, then left again in 2016.

“Connie was a significant figure in the construction of Generations: The Legacy. I will eternally be grateful for that and her contribution to the growth of our industry,” the show’s creator Mfundi Vundla said.

Connie made her debut on telenovela, The Queen, in 2016.T he Queen is also a South African telenovela that started premiering on Mzansi Magic on August 1 2016. The series is produced by Ferguson Films, which is owned by acting Connie Ferguson and her husband Shona Ferguson. The two also play two of the main roles in the series

Connie plays the role of Harriet Khoza on the popular show. Connie has also made some appearances on Soul City and Strictly Come Dancing.

How old are the Fergusons?

Are you one of the people who would like to know about Connie Ferguson age? You’ve come to the right place,we’ve got you.

Connie is currently 49 years old. She was born on 10 June 1970, in Kimberley, Northern Cape. The actress is always praised for looking so young. Her fitness and workout routines have also added to her looks.

Shona Ferguson was born on the 30 April 1972 and this makes him 48 years old.

Early life and education

The actor’s mother is called Margaret Masilo and her father is Fish Masilo. Unfortunately, in 2013, the mother passed away. Connie studied law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. In her second year, she failed criminal law and was somehow forced to turn to Drama and Performing Arts. Eventually, she graduated in 2012.

What happened Connie Ferguson?

In 2010, after playing the lead role of Karabo Moroka for 16 years on Generations, Connie announced her departure from the soapie to go focus on other career options.

There’s other people who have been asking what does Connie Ferguson do for a living? Connie Ferguson is an actor, businesswoman and a model.
Others are asking where is Shona Ferguson originally from? Shona was born and grew up in Gaborone, Botswana . His parents and other members of his family are still living in Botswana. He often visits Botswana to check on them.

Connie and family

Connie Ferguson grew up in a family that is very close. She was raised by her parents, Fish and Margaret Masilo. Connie’s mother left this world in 2013. She paid tribute to her late mother in a very touching Instagram post in 2019.

“Moms, I will never stop loving you. Never stop missing you. I cherish all the memories I have of you. Sometimes your physical absence still doesn’t feel real. Sometimes I think it’s all a dream, that I’ll wake up to a text message from you first thing in the morning. Those were my favorite!” she posted.

Connie Ferguson daughters

Who is Connie Ferguson daughter? The actress has two daughters namely Lesedi Ferguson (from the first marriage) and Alicia Angel Ferguson. Is Lesedi Ferguson married? The details are unclear. However, all we know is that Lesedi has a son called Ronewa. Therefore, this means that the gorgeous Connie is a grandmother.

Does Connie have a child?

Yes, as mentioned above, Connie has children. The two daughters are called Alicia Angel Ferguson and Lesedi Ferguson. Connie Ferguson’s daughter Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson is following in her mother’s footsteps. She is also an actress. Connie’s daughter joined the cast of The Queen Mzansi in 2019. Lesedi also had several other TV roles. she is Connie’s eldest daughter from her former marriage with Neo Matsunyane.

Connie Ferguson Children, Kids

Connie Ferguson has two children – her daughter Lesedi who is from the former marriage and Alicia Angel Ferguson with her recent husband Shona Ferguson. While her sister Lesedi and mother enjoy acting, Alicia prefers music. She plays piano and drums. Alicia describes aspires to be a musician, producer and composer.

Connie Ferguson husband

Is Connie Ferguson married? Yes, The Queen actress is happily married to her fellow actor and business partner, Aaron “Shona’ Ferguson”.

Connie Ferguson wedding took place in 2001, and in 2011, Connie and Shona Ferguson renewed their wedding vows. Who is Connie Ferguson ex-husband? Before she got married to Shona, she was married to Neo Matsunyane in 1993, unfortunately, they divorced in 1998.

How old is Connie Ferguson’s husband? Shona Ferguson is 48 years old. The Connie Ferguson wedding pictures can be found on her Instagram page. Read on to find some of the pictures of their wedding.

Connie Ferguson wedding pictures

Connie Ferguson’s white wedding pictures were in the cover of Drum magazine in December 2001. They’ve been married for roughly 19 years now. Connie celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary in 2018 with a sweet message to her lovely husband.

“Thank you for loving me consistently without wavering. Thank you for always being there and only giving me the best of yourself! I love you Mr. Ferguson,” she wrote.

Connie and Shona renewed their wedding vows in a lavish ceremony in 2011.
Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth

Image from Twitter

Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth

Image from Twitter

Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth

Image from Twitter

Connie Ferguson Biography: Family ,Age,House, Wedding,Daughters, Husband and Net Worth

Image from Twitter

Connie Ferguson house

The couple has been keeping things on the down-low for a while now. However, they showed us a glimpse into their luxurious mansion and the whole of SA has tongues lolling.

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